360 Health and Wellness is a healthcare company based in Nairobi. It was founded in 2019  and launched in February 2020. The founders had a vision of a society where patients from across all divide have access to quality, compassionate and cost-effective healthcare.

360 Health and Wellness aims to provide comprehensive curative and preventive care to everyone within our reach. The company works with a team of board-certified highly motivated clinicians, passionate about service delivery and advancement of medicine.

Apart from caring for patients, 360 Health and Wellness provides clinicians and health workers with a platform to interact with their patients regularly. Our “shared space” model allows professionals to be part of a community of clinicians with the advantage of flexibility as well as networking opportunities. 

And in the wake of the 2020 global pandemic, 360 Health and Wellness has partnered with different stakeholders to bring rich, affordable and personalised care it envisioned to the homes of our clients through the launch of e-consultation. This is a model that allows patients to consult their clinicians electronically through video-link and/or voice-calls and ultimately receive their prescriptions electronically or have their drugs delivered to their doorsteps.

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